The Nail in the coffin of the Big Bang Theory..


Parent galaxy, with quasar filament attachment.

What we have here is M87 which is a dominant Galaxy in the Virgo Galaxy cluster, of which we are a part of.

Looking at this from an unconventional view, that red shift is intrinsic and not a product of velocity. It is possible to see that (0.004360) is low compared to its neighbours linked with plasma. M49 (0.003326 ) which is possible to see in the pictures above has a lower redshift than M87 and is believed to be the oldest. Quasar NGC4639 ,which can also be seen in picture above has a redshift of 1018. Which falls in with ejection theory this Quasar being a lot younger than M87 and M49.

M49, with a low redshift, would be the “mother” of the Virgo Cluster. M87, with a slightly higher redshift, would be an early ejection. The compact cluster between M49 and M87 and the quasar 3C273 on the opposite side of M49, both with nearly the same much higher redshift, are likely an ejection pair. As M49 rotated, later ejections spewed out x-ray-emitting material that formed the spiral shape, just as a spinning garden hose throws out a spiral of water.

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