Magnetic fields and Gravity

There is a lot of talk about gravity in science. There is so much speculation when it comes to the Universe and gravitational forces. We have fat cat scientists telling us about black holes, dark matter, dark energy and billions spent on verification of this Quackery !

Ok ok I here you say, just what am I eluding to ?

Gravity rules the entire universe, in the middle of our galaxy there is a black hole, which nothing can escape not even light. Sagatarius A, if you google it without any real  proof (there is a lot of speculation however which manages to convince a lot of people), it will say there is a black hole in there.

Where is Electricity and magnetism, well Electricity doesn’t belong in the official scientific workings of the Universe, magnetism does play a slight role. It is as if Relativity has hijacked mainstream science’s minds (and billions).

Why is it when any interesting observations relating to the workings of the universe are pretty much ignored, such as plasma or electrical effects.

So to demonstrate the difference between gravity and electricity I will show you an interesting experiment.

Galileo Galilei had dropped two balls of different masses from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to demonstrate that their time of descent was independent of their mass. So gravity has been established in science as independent of Mass. Is there anything that defies this rule ? Well apart from air resistance which may slow descent, there is one experiment that shows the interaction between electricity and gravity. Electrical effects can in fact diminish gravitational effects. In this experiment is explained in the way of Lenz’s Law, these are the key words in the explanation. “The induced current in the copper tube creates its own magnetic field that opposes the magnetic field that created it.”

From Here , Physics

So my big question is if this is true on Earth, wouldn’t this same effect be happening in space ? The answer is yes it does happen in space.