T Towsend Brown and Electrogravitics

Rather than follow relativity blindly with the assumption of curved space time, T T Brown instead followed Tesla’s work.  Which included Euclidian geometry instead.

His work with electrogravitics intertwined both electrostatics and gravity. He built devices that could fly using electricity, they were small and his work was not published. He did however  obtain patents as follows

Electrokinetic apparatus

This invention relates to a method of controlling gravitation and for deriving power therefrom, and to a method of producing linear force or motion. The method is fundamentally electrical.

The invention also relates to machines or apparatus requiring electrical energy that control or influence the gravitational field or the energy of gravitation; also to machines or apparatus requiring electrical energy that exhibit a linear force or motion which is believed to be independent of all frames of reference save that which is at rest relative to the universe taken as a whole, and said linear force or motion is furthermore believed to have no equal and opposite reaction that can be observed by any method.

Fields in space are produced by the presence of material bodies or electric charges.   They are gravitational fields or electric fields according to their causes.

Patents from Townsend Brown

Electrokenetic Patent

No Audio but real footage with his work with JNL labs

2 thoughts on “T Towsend Brown and Electrogravitics

  1. I would share your blog post if you posted a video of it working. That is a true scientist concerned about the nature of the Universe.


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